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Seattle based Product Manager with over 10 years experience working at mid to large tech companies and a passion for creating digital solutions that captivate and delight. 

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Product Blog

Musings revolved around my fascinations of product development, life trials and tribulations.

Agile Transformation Case Study

A software applications development team within a large health insurance company was struggling to deliver the work they had committed month after month. Each two-week sprint they would consistently commit to a set of deliverables, and then under-deliver by...

Have a product need? Get to know me

Many hiring managers or people who have a product need ask the same types of questions. Here, I've generated a set of responses curated as a go-to reference that I hope you and your team may leverage to help you get to know me better to see if we're a fit. Strengths:...

Mini Bank Case Study

At Microsoft and Expedia, I was selected to improve the "mini bank", a banking machine to scale out thousands of transactions required for the company to operate cash flows, invest, and enable FX trading. There were few projects where I worked on improving the...


Customer – first iterative product development that satisfies.

Goal Optimization

Meet goal driven outcomes for acquisition, retention, engagement, conversion.

Product Strategy

Build strategic themes to features based on customer value tied to business goals.

Market Discovery & Research

Understand your customers and their pains to tailor products for them.

Content Optimization

Test content that resonates with your market and iterate continuously per goals.

Experimentation & Analysis

Fail fast to learn faster. Work towards solutions that make it easier to test and learn.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Narrow down  the uncertainty and drive towards measurable outcomes.

How I work


Work backwards from the customer. Understand the problems  user face and empathize with user needs. Define product requirements tailored to those needs.


Design with the target user in mind. Touch from the tedious actions users will take in the interface and convey perceived value they will see.


Code designs effectively sussing out edge cases and find the balance between function and delight.

Test & Measure, Refine. Repeat.

Test prototypes with real people, collect all feedback to iterate and improve towards the user task at hand.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is a Product Manager to me?

A product manager serves as the voice of the customer and is at the epicenter between technology and the business building products that serve the needs of its users. People, not users.

How are you different than other PdMs?

PdMs is the abbreviation for Product Managers. My unique experience and skillsets encompassed in my methodologies of Discover, Design, Build, Launch, and Measure have given me a holistic powerful toolset to help you achieve your goals with product. Check out my resume to learn more!

What properties have you worked on?

My portfolio encompasses, mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Why did you choose to be a Product Manager?

The practice offers a life of purpose. Not only is my work devoted to solving one person’s problem it potentially scales to millions. My desire and passions for solving complex problems and my tenacious entrepreneurial drive fit harmoniously with building software real people will use to complete a specific goal or kill a pain. Additionally, the role came with perks of driving cross-functional teams in dynamic environments and I love working with many creative minds!

How long have you been a product manager?

• 7 years of professional experience in small to large scale, growth technology companies.
• Technical expertise based on 8 years of digital product design and development.


Patricia handles strategic thinking and cross-team influence while simultaneously have no problem rolling up her sleeves and getting deep into tactical work to deliver high-quality products and messaging plans. 

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Seattle, WA